Core Values

Insorce is constantly focused on wide-ranging collaboration it takes to get valuable ideas to market.

Our focus is to change the way complex management functions interact today. Specialization has meant that functional professionals approach corporate strategy through the lens of their own siloed specialty, often ignoring synergies or the impact of their decisions and actions on the rest of the organization. We want to help executive management find sustainable, effective operational solutions rapidly through team participation.

We recognize that the most effective practitioners and the best knowledge repository for your business is within your own organization, We created Maven to provide the ability to examine all operational levers and to facilitate selection of the most effective through immediate visualization of the result.

We look for long term engagement of on-going value creation through Insorce. We will innovate to make our product even simpler to use (notwithstanding the complexity of the problems and challenges it tackles and solves) and to derive value from.

Even as we do all that, we will invest in working with you through product adoption; effective implementation; comprehensive training and consulting for sustainable solutions through people and partnerships.

After all, one of the key motivations in the use of Maven is to leverage an ecosystem of internal and external allies that is dedicated to helping your firm achieve your definition of overall success.