Our Engagement Model

We deliver results aligned to your Business and Change-Management strategy

Where does Maven fit in the operational eco system?

Consulting Teams

Maven provides significant analytical depth to consulting engagements in a highly collaborative way.

Maven can further be used in-house to run scenarios and what-ifs during the implementation phase of consultant recommendations.

In-house Process Excellence Teams

Maven helps in drastic improvement of the process excellence teams in continuous process improvement programs.

In the post deployment scenario, the process excellence teams are the most ideal custodians of Maven implementation

Workflow Management Systems

Maven does not replace a workflow management tool; rather, it precedes it

Maven should be used to design optimal workflows which can be developed in the workflow management systems

Operations Teams

Maven can help operations teams in taking on-the-ground tactical decisions

With the help of Maven, operations teams can quickly generate what-if scenarios for operational scheduling and shift-management.

You can engage our services throughout your association with us.

Our services will help you evaluate, implement and derive ongoing value.

Evaluation Services.

Our pilot offering helps you with everything you need to evaluate Maven and make an informed purchasing decision.

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Getting started

We will help you implement and train your teams, putting them firmly on the path to success.

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We are around whenever you need us.

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Evaluate Maven through a pilot

Everything you need to evaluate Maven and make an informed purchasing decision.

The Maven pilot includes a 90 day, fully supported software trial with up to two full-fledged business scenarios for the project scope under consideration


Meeting with key stakeholders for vision and objectives

Meeting with project participants for their business challenges

Project objectives

Developing a digital process model in Maven

Enriching the process model, and validating the information with project teams; through meetings.

Enriched digital model

Optimization of the model and validating assumptions

Concluding the optimization and review of the outcome

Optimized outcomes and candidate options

Fine tuning of the results

Presentation to the management committee

Final presentation

Timely exchange of information would be a critical success factor for meeting project timelines. We would request you to share the process data before kick-off so that we can be better prepared

Getting started services for organizations

Help you get started with Maven.

DetailBest ForDelivery
Basic Maven™ methodology and usage

Learn how to start creating a quality digital operating model and identifying the levers for success

Small teams and teams just getting started

Videos, Live Webinars
Project Success Training

Implement a live project with expert assistance from an Insorce consultant

Multi-faceted project teams

Live Webinars, 1-1 Phone, File Exchange
Insorce Embed for Advanced Implementation

Integrate Maven optimization with your re-engineering processes and discuss ways to use existing system data

Large businesses and teams with established systems

On-site dedicated Maven trained consultant
Technical Consulting

Technical help for your specific integration landscape and implementation needs

Maven users

Insorce offices with our trainers

Custom consulting & training arrangements that meet your team's unique needs



On-going consulting services, should you need

Project Planning Workshop

A two-day workshop with an expert consultant to assess and guide the build out your operational model taking into account specific nuances

On-site, Requires prior discussion
Maximizing Benefits

On-going dialogue and assistance in using efficiency, control and enterprise levers to get more targeted results based on strategy

Live Webinars, 1-1 Phone, File Exchange
Organization Alignment

Discussion with the key stakeholders to factor in their operational constraints and requirements and to make a final Presentation

On-site Insorce consultant
Custom Consulting

A customized consulting and training experience for your team

Maven Laboratory Training

Spend 5 days with us building a re-engineering methodology to guide your transformation plans – particularly for partner companies

Insorce premises