What is Maven?

Maven builds its output around the triad of key decision variables: Cost, Control and Time

  • Maven postulates cost, control and time as the three critical constraints on decision making
  • Maven deals with both the impact of control on cost and efficiency, as well as the impact that initiatives have on risk and control
  • While pressure to reduce costs may always be a given, it cannot come at the expense (threshold) of service quality & increased risk
  • Service delivery optimization is often subject to capital and operational budgets and within regulatory and internal standards

The web of tradeoffs in an operating model

Business Constraints

Operational Variables

Business Objectives

Where does Maven fit into your organization

Where does Maven fit into your Technology stack

Maven Features & Benefits


Combines proven mathematical algorithms with practical application issues for best result


Works at any vertical/ horizontal slice of organization - business, geography, product, process


Users can expand solve immediate issues and expand scope through process adjacency and depth


The only tool that addresses Cost, Capacity and Basel based operational Control


Replaces and replenishes committees, consultants and pilots at a fraction of the effort


In-built workflow catches human and strategic errors and inconsistencies for correct results


Detailed analysis, optimization and implementation plans in 8-12 weeks, depending on scope


Addresses issues and constraints of all stakeholders - Business, Operations, Risk, Finance, IT & HR

What’s new in Maven

Significantly enhanced user interface for data enrichment and management scenarios
Visualization of key analytics by function and for overall management
Greater functional and geographic collaboration with project owners, collaborators and owners
In-house hosting solution OR Cloud hosted version available with industry standards on data security
Quick and rapid customization of reports and formatting for client specific requirements
Input from and connectivity to applications that support BPMN and XDPL standards

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