Operational Risk Management

An integrated, comprehensive and forward looking approach to risk

  • Directly linked to process and outcomes
  • Manage of objective based vulnerabilities and uncertainty

Entwined into operations and organization

  • Define and configure controls, against an overall process framework
  • Compute and optimize resources (time, cost) to implement the controls
  • Complete integration with process, people and technology for resilience

Speaks regulatory and internal languages

  • Objectives mapped to Basel classification for common paradigm
  • Systematically think through controls, examining existing or duplicate controls

The derivation, treatment, and configuration of controls

The Maven Control Design flow

1 List performance, compliance, information objectives to provide the basis for risk assessment against end-goals.

2 Maven guides the identification of threats to listed objectives by helping discover appropriate risks per Basel classification.

3 Maven examines the process map to prompt selection of activities that meet or execute against defined objectives.


  • Lines up risks against activities
  • Objective assessment of inherent risk
  • Focus on teams and process that must execute against the risk

4 For each “risky” activity by risk, team or objective, Maven enables the use to either (a) identify existing control(s), (b) accept the risk or (c) apply controls

5 Maven has a library of control patterns based on risk classification for users to add-on and configure controls to the “uncontrolled” process-map based on objectives

6 The Maven metrics library associates KRIs to risks & controls identified to track the level of “residual” (post-control) risk and to understand current control effectiveness


  • Sets up for cost of control
  • Identifies the need for people, skills, infrastructure and cycle time
  • Encourages design to objectives rather than generalization

Top-down, objectives driven approach to risk management

Maven sample analytics and reports in the controls module for optimal design