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Using PROFIT for Competitive Advantage

As a business leader, you understand the importance of optimizing your company's operations in order to achieve a competitive advantage. However, you may be facing challenges in finding a comprehensive solution that addresses all your objectives and leads to sustainable results. In today's fast-paced business environment, it's more critical than ever to have a complete understanding of your operations and be able to quickly identify areas for improvement.

PROFIT is a mnemonic that represents the six functional areas that define a 360-degree view of operations: Process, Risk Management, Operations Capacity, Finance, IT and Talent. 3-Cubed understands the interdependency between these functional areas and is able to bring them together in a single decision-making platform so they work together to achieve optimal operations and a competitive advantage.

Unfortunately, most transformation tools only focus on one or two of these functional areas, leading to a fragmented approach that doesn't address the root causes of operational issues. A staggering 91% of businesses are involved in transformation initiatives, but 74% of these initiatives are less than successful. This high failure rate highlights the need for a more comprehensive approach to operations optimization.

Augmenting Intelligence

This is where the 3-Cubed platform comes in. Its algorithms are able to compute how each of the PROFIT functional areas contributes to cost, control and client experience targets, providing insights into the root causes of operational issues. The algorithms then generate both functional and cross-functional ideas for resolving these issues and compute the impact analysis of adopting some or all of these ideas.

3-Cubed offers a rapid, holistic and sustainable solution to meeting cost, control and client experience targets. By taking a 360-degree view of operations, the platform provides a complete understanding of your operations and identifies areas for improvement, enabling you to make better, faster, and more assured decisions.


The PROFIT framework provides a comprehensive approach to operations optimization that addresses all functional areas and leads to sustainable results. By using the 3-Cubed platform, you can achieve a complete understanding of your operations and quickly identify areas for improvement, leading to a competitive advantage and improved bottom line. Don't let your transformation initiatives become another statistic in the high failure rate of large-scale transformations. Adopt a 360-degree view of your operations with the PROFIT framework and the 3-Cubed platform.