An Automated, algorithm driven product for Design and Optimization of financial services target operational models

Maven users are able to

Target Transformation

Simplify Complexity

Visualize Solutions

Plan For Eventualities

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Holistic decisions

The most comprehensive way to arrive at way to look at the Cost, Control, Capacity Decisions

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Bespoke Results

Directly relevant to the client’s Process, Risk, Operations, Financial, Infrastructure, Team, objectives and Constraints

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Rapid deployment

All the Benefits of Digital Decision Making with intuitive interfaces, supported by training for on-going value creation

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Target Operating model is essential for holistic management decisions

PROFITS – A unified analytics framework

For a typical business process with 100 activities carried out at 3 locations and by 7 teams, Maven works on 65,000+ decision variables

  1. P
  2. R
  3. O
  4. F
  5. I
  6. T
  7. S

At the heart of the Maven lies a mathematical algorithm which identifies efficient frontier by factoring in the complex trade offs between business constraints, operational variables and business objectives.

Maven is perfectly designed for change management as a product

Organization Fit

Maven works cross-functionally for decisions across management layers

Technology Fit

It is the only truly integrated analytics engine that facilitates enterprise architecture

Deployment Support

Cater to multiple internal or external stakeholders with optional support through us or our partners

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