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complete 360° operations design

All your goals

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Optimize your operations for cost efficiency, customer experience, and control effectiveness

Design operating models that are 30% better, take a third of the time, and have three times the assurance of traditional transformation tools and techniques.

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introducing 3-cubed: the future of value realization

Unlock all the hidden value in your operations

Every client experience and business outcome is based on an invisible flow of data and actions defined by your Process, vetted for Risk performed by Operations, Financed through a budget, supported by IT and performed by your Teams (the PROFIT function).
To unlock value, 3-Cubed uses every PROFIT element to meet the goals of cost efficiency; client delivery; and controlled outcomes.

3-Cubed is a unique platform that uses design thinking to simultaneously solve for cost, control and customer experience objectives simultaneously.

Its proprietary algorithms provide augmented intelligence to identify all issues and use all functional and cross functional ideas across PROFIT to discover the best solution.

No wonder, with the digital twin our clients consistently see results that are 30% better, in 1/3rd the time, and with 3x more assurance than through traditional transformation.

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The interactive image below illustrates how the digital twin connects goals, PROFIT levers, and operational constructs, providing a holistic view of your operations. This helps you make informed decisions that truly impact your objectives, cross-functional impact, and impact on initiatives.
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process mining
BPM repositories
process mappers
lean or six-sigma
process workflow
GRC Planning
risk dashboards
risk predictors
action trackers
risk assessment
productivity trackers
workforce planners
work schedulers
roster management
demand forecasting
financial forecasts
financial planners
activity costing
investment planners
automation discovery
RPA Engines
task automation
IT planning
workflow automation
hiring portals
skills assessment
workforce planning
employee productivity
competency mapping
risk & control
IT & Systems
across industries, function, geography, and strategic goals

3-Cubed help team creates results that are 30% better than those created by traditional transformation

Picture showing applicability across industries, regions, processes and goals
What customers say about us
We think of 3-Cubed as a strategy simulator. Nothing else lets clients see the full impact of decisions they are making the way 3-Cubed does.
It does everything that we’ve wanted to do [for transformation], but faster and better!
Transformation cannot just be all about cost.  This will help our clients a lot!
3-Cubed is a great consulting tool and an excellent way to reimagine processes and build platforms. No similar tool exists that we know of.

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how it works and key features

Using 3-Cubed to maximize value

3-Cubed's features are designed to help you get the most comprehensive solution for your operational needs with solutions that are consistently better, faster and more assured.
Structured Approach
Vector showing structured process
How to use 3-Cubed
6-I Framework
A systematic approach to making better, faster, and more certain decisions.

Define intent, gather information for the digital twin, identify issues, generate ideas, predict impact, and easily implement.
The 6 stages
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Digital Twin
What 3-Cubed does
360° view of operations
Create a digital twin of your operations to assist in making informed decisions.

Analyze your input, identify issues, generate improvement ideas, and test their impact to make the right choices.
The Digital Twin
Better Results
Why 3-Cubed matters
Better, Faster, Assured
3-Cubed's unique yields results that are consistently better, faster, and more assured.

Our blend of design thinking, augmented intelligence, and impact analysis gives you unprecedented decision-making.
Consistently Better
Objectives Optimized
Design Thinking
Strategic Goals
So business leaders meet all strategy goals for sustainable, profitable growth.

Uses design thinking to solve simultaneously for cost efficiency, client experience and control effectiveness goals
360° Operations
Augmented Intelligence
Functional Levers
So solution architects view all issues and examine every idea to resolve target metrics.

Algorithms that augment intelligence by understanding the links between all functional and cross-functional areas
Decision Impact
Impact Analyses
360° Impact Analyses
So delivery teams prioritize process, people, and technology implementation initiatives.

To avoid unintended consequences, the digital twin prioritizes ideas by predicting their impact on the model.
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the benefits: Better, faster, more assured

Unlock the Power of Augmented Intelligence

3-Cubed elevates your business operations by combining the expertise of human experts with the power of machine intelligence.
30% better
3x Faster
3x more assured

Offers a holistic view of operations, including all PROFIT levers

Plug and play; no code, no data lakes and no native application connectivity.

Management chooses ideas based on practical constraints, so has full control.

Utilizes augmented intelligence to find all functional or cross-functional opportunity.

Structured process for data and analysis including reconciliation and sensitivity.

Identifies and addresses unintended consequences through 360º impact.

Identifies all issues and ideas that a single objective or lever approach would miss.

Utilizes machine intelligence to quickly generate a 360-degree view of operations.

Provides the best next action in case of internal or external change or challenge.

3-Cubed provides benefits for all the participants it interacts with
solution architect
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delivery leader
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capability owner
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business analyst
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process owner
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3x Faster
Streamlined decision-making, with a unified view of all goals and levers for quick, informed choices.
30% Better
Identifies all optimization opportunities, ensuring access to the best solutions possible.
3x More Assured
Unintended consequences are anticipated and mitigated, resulting in a more secure path to success.
3x Faster
Quickly identifies and prioritizes optimization opportunities across all functions and operations.
30% Better
Provides a holistic view of all goals and leverages augmented intelligence for optimal solutions.
3x More Assured
Helps ensure successful implementation and results through impact analysis and on-going use.
3x Faster
Accelerates solution ideation and consensus building by streamlining idea selection and impact analysis.
30% Better
Provides a comprehensive view of all operations and potential optimization options.
3x More Assured
Identifies potential implementation challenges and provides recommended next steps.
3x Faster
Standardizes information gathering and validation, allowing for quicker model building.
30% Better
Reconciles data during the model building process, eliminating the need for perfect information.
3x More Assured
Provides insights and validation during model building, increasing confidence in the final model.
3x Faster
One time information gathering and select improvement initiatives, reducing time on multiple projects.
30% Better
3-Cubed provides a holistic approach to, ensuring all areas are addressed with the least effort
3x More Assured
Impact analysis ensures initiatives will have the desired results, providing confidence in decisions.
3x Faster
Streamlines improvement efforts by providing clear instructions and accountability for process owners.
30% Better
Holistic approach across PROFIT levers helps achieve goals with allies from other functions.
3x More Assured
Identify and mitigate any unidentified consequences, leading to more successful outcomes.
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