Fact Sheet

We’ve been focused on your all-around transformation

Insorce was established with the objective of helping financial services firms achieving in customer satisfaction, cost efficiency, and control goals simultaneously. With the experience gained through consulting and over 350 man years senior practitioners’ experience, we translated an erstwhile consulting methodology into 3-Cubed - a robust technology platform that:

At the heart of 3-Cubed is an intelligent computation engine that understands the linkage between all the functions that make up a complete operating model [Process, Risk, Operations, Finance, Infrastructure (including IT) and Teams (PROFIT)]. This engine allows 3-Cubed to compute the cross-functional impact of any operating model decision across the enterprise on a single, augmented intelligence, strategic decision-making platform. As management teams contemplate changes in response to external events and internal incidents they can test the impact of that decision to verify both that there are no unintended consequences and that cross-functional synergy is leveraged

3-Cubed also begs the question as to why management is being asked to make operating decisions in the first place. It puts decision making in the context of strategic objectives around customers (satisfaction), investors (cost and profitability management) and regulators (control and compliance). Because it computes the entire operating model it is able to readily identify opportunities for objective based improvement, and also recommend the best course of action. Based on the objective driven decisions 3-Cubed also computes the impact of these choices on each of the other goals to ensure management is always moving towards the “efficient frontier” of their choosing

To complete the linkage between goals (strategic objectives), policies (cross-functional decisions) and practice, 3-Cubed automatically generates a detailed list execution steps required to implement the decisions and predicts detailed operating metrics that will help monitor efficacy of implementation and provide triggers for the design of a continuous improvement program based on the implementation success and changing internal and external demands.

The Insorce management team comes with significant, and relevant global experience in financial services, consulting and service delivery. We have managed businesses and their risks; run and changed operations for financial services firms; strategized and implemented complex changes. To ensure we were bringing the best solution to market, we have successfully tested the methodology and 3-Cubed in a wide array of operational situations that have targeted sustained, profitable growth. 3-Cubed has consistently driven management results that are 30% better, 60% faster, 90% more assured at 1/3rd of the effort taken by non-augmented teams. We would be delighted to create similar results for you!

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