Product Sales Support Lead (External Client Facing)


2-4 yrs

Mumbai / Bangalore
Position Product Sales Support Lead (External Client Facing)
Experience 2-4 years in Tech / product sales with a background in Marketing or Business Strategy is preferred
Reports to Sales Lead
Preferred Location Mumbai / Bangalore

The Company and the Role

About Insorce :
Insorce is an exciting new product company focused on designing and implementing optimized operating models.

We do this by creating solutions that
  1. Achieve the best trade-off between strategic objectives of customer delivery, control, and cost; so that business leaders most effectively address customers, regulators, employees and investors
  2. Use the most relevant and impactful levers across Process re-engineering, Risk management, Operational capacity, Financial budgeting, IT and Teams to achieve these strategic objectives
  3. Realize the full impact of the solution through a tightly coupled, complete, forward looking people, process, and technology implementation plan to rapidly execute for results
Insorce uses its proprietary technology platform, 3-Cubed, to drive results. 3-Cubed, is the most complete technology enabled operational design platform comprising
  1. Business logic for effective input of current people, process, systems and risk by understanding the linkages between these
  2. Sophisticated and proprietary algorithms that quantify these relationships to identify where the gaps are; and optimize for the objectives within functional constraints
  3. Libraries of best practices around controls, skills, enterprise architecture for easy selection of the alternatives that best address the gaps to meet the objectives
The result are solutions that fully use decision engineering to recommend more optimal decisions, within weeks rather than months that mitigate unwanted implementation consequences.
The Role
The Sales Support Lead is responsible for identifying, qualifying, developing and converting new sales leads for 3-Cubed, including:
  • Identifying target clients
  • Initiating and managing initial conversations with target clients
  • Overall account management
  • Managing the sales pursuit to obtain concrete client commitment to a Proof of Concept (POC)
  • Managing the planning, preparation and conduct of the POC
  • Managing the process of obtaining client commitment to a long term contract
Key Responsibilities
  • Identifying target clients
    • Developing a long list of target clients across industries / domains, based on agreed criteria
    • Researching the target clients to assess the appropriateness of a sales pursuit and qualify the clients. The research should include factors like:
      • Identification of relevant senior client leadership who have the authority, budget and desire to drive change
      • Ability to set up meetings with relevant senior client leadership, based on personal and professional relationships of Insorce leadership and their networks
      • Key changes / challenges at the client that may be supported through the use of 3-Cubed
      • Past history of transformative initiatives undertaken and their success / failure / impact
      • Transformation tools / methodologies adopted and the usage / impact
      • Use of tools that can be interfaced with 3-Cubed for data related needs
    • Finalizing specific target clients to be pursued based on the research conducted and discussions with Insorce leadership
    • Developing, managing and updating the account sales plan for agreed target clients
  • Initiating and managing initial conversations with target clients
    • Developing an initial account sales plan for the agreed target clients
    • Arranging formal introduction meetings with the relevant senior client leadership
    • Arranging and conducting informal meetings prior to the formal meetings (by leveraging own and Insorce leadership contacts) to get a better understanding of the client and possible opportunity areas for 3-Cubed
    • Attending and participating in all key client meetings with the intent of learning as much as possible about the client, key leadership and opportunities for 3-Cubed
    • Managing all documentation related to the actual meeting conduct and follow up, including:
      • Taking detailed notes during the meeting
      • Publishing high quality meeting minutes to all attendees, with a clear set of action items
  • Overall account management until contract signature
    • Updating the account sales plan based on the meetings conducted, including the plan for the next set of meetings
    • Reviewing the account sales plan with Insorce leadership and agreeing the plan of action for follow up with the client
    • Developing own direct relationships with relevant client personnel that can help in the sales pursuit
    • Following up on minutes of meetings held
    • Managing overall account and relationship governance to ensure that all concerned personnel are aligned and the pursuit moves forward in a planned, productive manner
  • Managing the sales pursuit to obtain concrete client commitment to a Proof of Concept (POC)
    • Planning the next meeting and agreeing the objectives, agenda and attendees with both Insorce and client personnel
    • Coordinating with Insorce personnel to plan and prepare for the meeting
    • Coordinating with client personnel to make required preparations for the next meeting
    • Continuing the sales pursuit through the necessary set of meetings / workshops with the aim of getting concrete client commitment to a Proof of Concept (POC) – preferably paid
  • Managing the planning, preparation and conduct of the POC
    • Coordinating with Insorce and client personnel for the POC with the objectives of:
      • Ensuring timely availability of required information from the client
      • Getting both Insorce and Client ready to conduct the POC
    • Arranging necessary client meetings post the POC to get everyone on board with the results and value identified
    • Confirm client intent to move forward
  • Managing the process of obtaining client commitment to a long term contract
    • Obtain client commitment to move forward with a long term contract, including addressing client questions on:
      • How 3-Cubed is to be deployed
      • How client personnel will be trained
      • Who will “own” 3-Cubed in the client
      • Data Security measures in place for 3-Cubed and hosting options
      • Commercial construct
  • Promotion of Corporate Values
    • It is expected that the post holder will work in a way which furthers the values of Insorce, with particular reference to client care, service excellence, highest standards of personal integrity and employee development
    • A high degree of flexibility is needed and the post holder may be required to perform work not specifically referred to above, including travel and working with global client time zones, locations and deadlines when required, within the scope of the post
Professional qualifications
Education degree
  • An MBA with Sales and Marketing specialization is preferred
  • Master’s degree in other disciplines and / or Bachelor’s degree will also qualify if backed up with demonstrable work experience
Work Experience
  • 2-4-year prior work experience, of which at least 1-year experience in successfully leading sales efforts for mid / big size firms
Technical Requirements
  • Competent, hands-on user of Microsoft Office specifically Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Knowledge of MS Project is desirable
Key Success Factors
  • Effective written and verbal communication through various means
  • Ability to draft focused emails and documents for client related and internal communication
  • Initiative and ability to manage competing priorities and adapt to changing needs
  • Directed and effective action to adhere to commitments and promises made to clients and colleagues
  • Determination to improve and to deliver work that is of high quality and timely without always having to be asked
  • Actively seeks out new challenges, quickly identifies key issues and workable solutions through effective and logical decisions
  • Ability to work flexibly across a range of simultaneous initiatives and as part of a team
  • High degree of self-motivation along with a desire to gain from a steep learning curve
  • Adept at taking and publishing minutes of meetings
  • Very strong at follow up and coordination
  • Strong ability to develop relationships with individuals across levels
  • Structured, thorough, detail oriented
  • Willing to travel

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