Case Studies

3-Cubed has delivered results across business verticals in the BFSI Industry

Credit Cards


When a Canadian retailer decided to expand its store cards into a full credit card offering it turned to 3-Cubed to ensure the customer experience did not dilute the brand equity of its parent.

Results Delivered

3-Cubed helped create a market leading 24-hour origination turn around that met with immediate success within 45 days of launch, saving the time and cost of a large investment in automation, given the planned size of operation.


Since the original launch, the card business was spun off into a consumer lending and payments company and continues to use 3-Cubed for new products and variants. 3-Cubed enables its investments to be in marketing rather than in operations, leveraging resources across product lines, ensuring sensible controls that leverage its consumer history, and targeted rather than mass automation investments.

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OTC settlement


Even as one of the top 5 global investment banks was looking at large investments in settlements technology, its BPO service provider needed quick savings without sacrificing control

3-Cubed was able to rapidly identify issues arising out of the erstwhile creation of a settlement shared service that inherited regional governance and constraints around capacity, market coverage, controls and exception management. Rationalization to a global standard was able to add an immediate 30% cost benefit with minimal automation.

Having won additional consulting and development business automation initiative, the service provider regularly monitors automation roll-out to find synergies with other functions to increase the core benefit and to mitigate performance risk.



This global wealth manager needed significant cost saves given large investments just before the market fell off. customer experience was key given target market as was control given the environment

3-Cubed quickly discovered that the operation had been fractured letting each relationship manager define of customer metrics leading to tiny, fragmented “desks” by region, instrument, and client type. Worse, each desk created bespoke controls based on experience to a plan.

A common framework to define customer experience allowed rationalization of control and far higher capacity both in the number and the skillset required leading to significant reduction in work peaks. Fragmented end-to-end automation was replaced with scalable point automation to further reduce cost. Together, these created better cost, better standards of control and less negative touch with customers.

Micro Loans Origination


Having recently launched a small finance bank, this lender approached 3-Cubed when it found it was unable to keep its original promise of loans being quickly approved despite a high investment in front end digitization.

3-Cubed was able to identify that while the digitization effort was based on micro lending realities, the credit processes were more catering to an urban, salaried class of borrower. Reconfiguring control lines of defence from centralized to field would save up to 65% of origination effort, 82% of cycle time and 2.5x increase in first time right while continuing adherence to internal lending norms.

The success of the program was borne out in the results where the quality of the portfolio performed much better than industry standards despite the subsequent deterioration in the liquidity situation and bank management is confident that there is scalability in the proposed model for growth.

Commercial Loans


The challenger wanted to improve client acquisition time from its current 25 days to better the incumbents cycle time of 12 days. The investment in digitizing the sales force was not helping.

3-Cubed detected an unusual amount of rework, each “loop” requiring more information from the borrower. When each team was being flexible on proof of identity, structure, collateral, underwriting, and contracts to accelerate business, this resulted in exceptions at each subsequent step of the value chain. Resolution of the exception added to the time and effort of each preceding team.

Redesigning controls to ensure adherence to policy at each step resulted in faster turn around to 8 days as customers and teams knew how to anticipate information with the digitization initiative providing decision trees around the expected information set. This also created tremendous flexibility to the customer and a high degree of mutual trust.

Wealth Advisory

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In a bid to address growth in market share, this regional wealth manager decided to leverage its reputation for investment advice to put out more research. However, it needed to do this despite severe cost pressure.

3-Cubed was able to identify and deal with the core issue of senior researchers being busy when events were occurring by creating a competency-based research organization with specialists by data gathering, model updates, model building, insights and report writing. Right skilling of these teams brought down compensation costs dramatically, and hitherto fragmented automation initiatives started to demonstrate scale.

Given the results were faster and more significant that the previously planned initiative in machine learning drive research robotics, similar constructs were used to provide additional support to investment advisors for client portfolio planning and in client presentation preparation.

Credit Approval

Burgeoning including through inorganic growth had led to high credit administration costs for this European bank

3-Cubed identified mismatched capacity across credit desks, bespoke rules based on region and industry and a mismatch in requirements and team skills.

Restructuring the approval and administration process to create competency-based roles, team structuring to ensure cross-utilization, location choices to support the skill requirements and workflow to manage operational risk resulted in significantly lower costs, more frequent rapid response and sharing of best credit practice.

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Business lending

Disbursement delay caused clients missing settlement deadlines creating serious dissatisfaction despite all teams trying to be flexible

The greater flexibility was creating bottlenecks with no anticipation of what to expect and when. Redesigned data flow and controls ensured policy adherence with greater flexibility reducing cycle time and higher client satisfaction

Loans against property

This new bank was unable to keep its promise of quick business loans against property for women entrepreneurs

Digitization was based on credit processes for urban, salaried borrowers, not rural women entrepreneur market. Reconfigured personal and financial verification, front end vs centralized team processes, reduced 82% cycle time, increased first time right by 2.5x while improving control.

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Know Your Customer


3-Cubed identified that existing controls resulted in going back to customers for additional information, adding to effort, cost, cycle time and negative touch and to mitigate this controls were being done by the least qualified teams.
Distribution of control to reduce “loops”; allocation of the control to correct teams; point algorithms around company search, helped achieved cost and customer targets


While promising a 24-hour turn-around on KYC verification, the promise was only kept if the customer was first time right in submitting all documents.
3-Cubed helped decide on channel prioritization; defined exception handling procedures by target market; hub and spoke verification team structure; customer query resolution for faster, more assured KYC

Securities & Capital Markets Operations



3-Cubed identified effort spikes across teams because of historic data feed timing and historic deadlines across different reconciliation desks.Rationalized deadlines, data collation shared teams, and functional robots created a significant reduction in required team size for this global bank


Exchange Traded Derivatives

3-Cubed identified excess capacity at regional clearing hubs to manage volume volatility and in response to increased internal reporting.A centralized market watch and clearing function, rationalized reporting and controls, and a separate resolution team unlocked significant productivity


Corporate action processing

3-Cubed identified that 68% of the effort in corporate action processing was on controls and only 32% on actual processing.Control rationalization; delineation of shared reconciliation team, and simple functional cross-instrument robotics, created better control, at lower cost