The 3-Cubed Promise

Always 30% better; 60% faster; 90% more assured

  • 30% Better Results

    30% Better Results

    The augmented intelligence platform consistently delivers 30% better results by pulling all available levers, thereby find all synergies, and mitigating risk.

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  • 60% Faster results

    60% Faster results

    Augmented intelligence automates and streamlines the transformation process so management has optimal anwers in days and weeks rather than months.

    Review some great results delivered using 3-Cubed

  • 90% More Assured

    90% More Assured

    3-Cubed's augmented intelligence platform ensures continued availability of the decision model so management always has the best next solution for changes in implementation, internal incidents or external events.

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  • 33% Effort Needed

    33% Effort Needed

    3-Cubed reduces the effort in every stage of a operation model design process from gathering data to identifying issues, to generating ideas and their impact, to generating consolidated implementation plans

    Review some great results delivered using 3-Cubed

Before After
Input 100 10% >> 50% 40 DAYS Faster decisions
Issue Identification 50 10% >> 70% 30 DAYS
Idea Generation 50 0% >> 60% 30 DAYS
Ideal State 50 10% >> 90% 40 DAYS
Implemantation Plan 50 10% >> 90% 40 DAYS
TOTAL 300 8.3% >> 68.3% 180 DAYS

Path to faster results

which takes less effort
Input Consolidate, reconcile and verify information from various sources >> One time, efficient, fast, internally consistent model across data sources-* Better decisions
Issue Identification Based on experience, consultants, committees, and dialouge >> Automatically looks across all functional levers for issues-*
Idea Generation Based on benchmarks, functional experience, and brainstorming >> All improvement options by objective for holistic decision making-*
Ideal State Cost benefit analyses based on single objective and limited foresight >> Real time impact of decisions on goals and across functions with sensitivities-* Safer decisions
Implemantation Plan Pilot to test what all may need to be done cross-functionally for success >> Translates decisions into a steps required for operational execution-*

Get to better decisions

which are assured to deliver results